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1976-2002 (selection only!!)

Solo Recital

March 1997

Solo recital (Bach), in the "Conservatoire Guitar Series"
Stephen Daw, in the Birmingham Post (England)
"Lute plucked to perfection"
"Perhaps he is the greatest performer of the instrument of all time. Transcriptions from cello music featured in the first half reminded us of North's wonderful fluidity and subtlety of expression, which enables him to knit together lines of melody in such a way as to imply rich harmony . . . the basic sincerity of his approach comes over well in live recitals . . . and the famous "Ciaconna" made a very moving concluding item to one this year's better Birmingham concerts."

Wigmore Hall (London) - Bach recital 1996

Julian Bream (Guitarist and Lutenist)
London, September 2002, in a talk given to the Lute Society.
"I remember going to a remarkable recital, one which I wish I had the ability to give: it was one of Nigel North's Bach recitals, and I was bowled over by how masterful and how musical it was. A real musical experience, something you don't always get from guitar and lute players and which, in general, is pretty rare."



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