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Nigel North can offer solo programmes of Renaissance or Baroque Music, or a combination of the two. Nigel's passions of this season are:

Renaissance Lute

"Music for King, Queen and Prince"

A programme of music from the English Tudor and Stuart Courts c.1550 - c.1620 with music by John Johnson, Philip van Wilder, William Byrd, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Gregory Huwet, John Dowland and Robert Johnson.

Full Programme


"Lachrimae Antiquae et novae"

A programme of music by John Dowland (1562-1626)
including well known pieces such as Lachrimae Pavan, Forlorne Hope Fancy, Frog Galliard and Semper Dowland semper Dolens, with some newly reconstructed solo lute settings of some “lost pieces” such as Lachrimae Antique Novae, Mr Nicholas Griffeth’s Galliard and new lute versions of some dance songs.

Full Programme


Baroque Lute

"Bach on the Lute"

Sonatas, Suites and Partitas, originally written for solo violin, solo cello or flute, in Nigel North's transcriptions for lute, together with Bach's so-called Lute works (BWV 995, 997, 998)

Full Programme
"Pieces de Luth"

An anthology programme of 17th century French music by three of the lute masters of Paris, Fançois Dufault, Jacques Gallot (le vieux) and Robert de Visèe

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Duo recitals are also possible with

  • Monika Mauch (soprano)
  • Christoph Huntgeburth (traverso)
  • Gabriel Crouch (baritone)
  • Michael Chance (counter tenor)
  • Kate Clark (traverso)

and Ensemble Programmes of 16th century music with The Attaingant Consort/Kate Clark