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Published Works

Oxford University Press Lute Series

Lute Music by Willam Byrd (Volume 6), 1976

Lute and Bandora Music by Alfonso Ferrabosco (Volume 8), 1979

Stainer and Bell

"Tablature for 2 Lutes" Volumes 1 and 2 (English Renaissance Treble and Ground Duets), 1983

Faber Music (London) / Indiana University Press (Bloomington)

"Continuo playing on the Lute, Archlute and Theorbo" (1987)

CD Booklet notes (see Discography)

"Pièces de Luth" (1981)

Guitar Collection (1984)

Bach Lute Music (1985)

Baroque Lute (1991)

Bach on the Lute Volumes 1-4 (1994-1998)

Alessandro Piccinini "Intavolatura di Liuto" (1994)

John Dowland : Lute Lessons (1996)

A Varietie of Lute Lessons (1999)

Thomas Campion "English Ayres" (2000)

Go From my Window (2003)

Vallet “Les Secrets des Muses” (2006)
Robert Dowland : Musical Banquet (2008)
John Dowland; Lute Works Volumes 1-4 (2006-2009)

In preparation

The following Projects are all underway, at different stages of preparation!

Bach on the Lute

Transcriptions for Lute of Bach's solo works for violin and cello (BWV 1001 -1006 and BWV 1007-1012) as recorded on the 4 CD recording set "Bach on the Lute" (Linn Records, 1994, 1996, 2000). This edition will include:

  • Lute Tablature
  • Versions for Classical Guitar
  • Keyboard staff notation transcription from the Lute tablature
Varietie of Lute Lessons

A new edition, with tablature, transcription, full notes and concordances

of Robert Dowland's anthology of 1610.

Lute and Early Guitar - a Performance Practice Handbook

Original didactic sources from 1500 - c.1760, for Lute and Guitar.

Sources in facsimile, with translations and full editorial comment; covering the working repertoire of a modern lutenist. It will be a book in which one may find the answers to performance practice questions taken directly from Original Sources.